My God is black


Mein Gedichtband “Mein Gott ist schwarz” ist nun auch in englischer Sprache erschienen:

My God is black, poems, ISBN: 978-3-945177-15-0
Free Pen Verlag, Bonn 2016






My God is Black

I like sleeping
and dreaming
I dream so often that I can write stories about it
I dream deep in the night
so deep,
that I can drink my dreams with delight
like a black tea
sweetened with lots of sugar
One night I dreamt again
I was black, like my tea from the Black sea
In my dream I was black
In the middle of my dream I dreamt of God
my God was also black
I couldn´t stop dreaming
I was yellow
my God was also yellow
On the second day I dreamt on
I wanted to find out the truth by all means
I was searching for the colour of my God
I was white
so was my God
I was red, so was my God
In my dream
it was raining, it was thundering and lightning was striking from the sky
and the rain stopped,
a bridge out of rainbows formed
over the continents
a blaze of colours
I felt like I was in paradise
I woke up and told myself, that was my God,
who taught me
from the depth of the sky
my God showed his wonders with a colourful
which rejoined all the colours
and this was me as a human in my dream
I get up, look through the window out at the
garden fence
the sun is shining
the trees let their yellow leaves down
the green leaves keep dressing their branches
and dance with joy
that they still enjoy the strength of the tree roots
a harmony of nature, such as life and death